Magazine Distribution for California

Newsways Distributors, established in 1985, visits over 2,000 stores weekly with magazines, books, and specialty merchandise. We've reached this level by providing value in our service and consistency in our operations. If you are a California retailer, perhaps a large newsstand with hundreds of titles, or a 7-Eleven with a concern for service, or a local grocer who wants to give his customers a wide or targeted selection of magazines, Newsways can help you build a profitable magazine category in your store. At Newsways, we are always looking for quality titles to expand our line and continue to bring only the best brand of service. If you are a publisher, we strive to achieve high sell-throughs by matching the right title with the right store.

Corporate Mission Statement.

To deliver quality products with exceptional service and value to our wide variety of customers and clients.
1000+ Magazine Titles including Foreign Titles, Best Selling Books and other Specialty Merchandise.


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