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Newsways Consultancy Services


Newsways provides affordable consulting and information services to new publishers searching for the answer to one burning question:

“How do I get my magazine into the retail marketplace?”

Newsways focuses exclusively on the unique challenges of the independent publisher, and works closely with you to find creative, workable, and affordable  solutions. Newsways will show you how to best reach your market and offer solutions to your magazine’s present growth and future success.

The Newsways team has been building strong relationships with national distributors and major wholesalers for almost twenty years, including our affiliated company Newsways, one of the largest magazine wholesalers in the country. We give you the marketing and distribution know-how needed for getting your publication out onto the newsstands, as well as demonstrate shortcuts that will  save you time and money.

Newsways offers a one-time evaluation and recommendation session, including an essential resource list that will help you more easily navigate the world of newsstand sales. And since new problems are always bound to arise, we also offer ongoing consultations on a retainer basis. For short and long term solutions, Newsways is here to provide solutions.

We charge $145 per hour for face-to-face, phone, or e-mail consultations. Retainer fees are negotiable. All information you provide is kept confidential, and we are happy to sign non-disclosure agreements if requested.

We know there is always some risk when researching a good consultant. That’s why you should call and talk to us before you make your decision.

Contact Christine Du at 323 258 6000 x233 or email to schedule a complementary initial consultation.

Your consultation with Newsways will include all of the following…

§  Press Run & Pricing Strategies

§  Wholesaler versus Direct-to-Retail

§  Promotions, Fees, Incentives

§  Contract Negotiation

§  Controlled versus Paid Circulation (Subscriptions)

§  Cross-section of Magazine Distribution Pathways

§  National and Regional Distributions

§  Comprehensive Foreign Distribution

§  Building Circulation in Targeted Market Areas

§  Market Analysis

§  Securing Retail Authorizations and Marketing Programs

§  Regional Marketing Blitzes and Special Promotions

§  Planning Printing and Shipping Options

§  Co-op Publisher Advertising and Printing Source Planning

§  Bipad Ordering/Changes

§  Plus much more…



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