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Our 1,000+ titles include top names like Maxim and Cosmopolitan as well as high quality foreign publications. Newsways also distributes the top Book Bestsellers, Thomas Bros. Guidebooks, Rand McNally folding maps, and a select variety of calendars and specialty items. We deal with every major national distributor, while also establishing and maintaining many publisher direct relationships.

To maximize sales, Newsways representatives work together with the retailer to develop a selection of titles that takes into account customer demographics and the size of the store.

Newsways' drivers provide direct, full-service delivery on a weekly basis. Orders are fully racked, merchandised, and continually checked for sellouts and high sales. Re-services are performed on sold out titles.

We offer a range of retail racks for displaying titles. Click the link below to see the various displays we offer:
View Magazine Displays

Newsways uses in-store scanning of deliveries and the processing of unsold titles to offer its customers immediate credit for returns & adjustments. Retailers now enjoy quick and comprehensive check-in. Our distributors use hand-held scan and print equipment to process both returns and deliveries in the store. Customers are given an itemized receipt of all return/delivered titles showing on-the-spot credit for all returned product.

To learn more click the link below:
Newsways Info-Link Scanning System

All magazines purchased from Newsways are fully returnable for up to 60 days after the off-sale date of the publication. Returns will be picked up during the normally scheduled servicing of the store.

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