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Newsways will place your title in a minimum of 20 accounts and a maximum of 100 accounts. You will be billed for the actual number of outlets booked for distribution.


The cost to publisher will be $5.75 per outlet per issue plus $0.20 per copy distributed. Newsways will remit to publisher at 70% of retail price on sold copies. Newsways does not take a commission on any titles placed in the Jump Start program. After the retailer receives profit participation in the magazine sale, 70% of the cover price is passed through to the publisher.

Please note that program payments are due upfront. Payment for the first 3 issues is based on estimated distribution and is payable in advance prior to the first program issue distribution.


Participation in Newsways’ Jump Start title placement program is for a minimum of 3 issues. At the end of the 3rd issue, Newsways will evaluate your title and advise of available distribution options. Newsways reserves the right to end program participation if the title is not adhering to a reasonable publication schedule based on stated frequency.


On magazine titles new to Newsways, an initial set-up fee of $85.00 will be charged.


For more program information and details or to obtain sales and distribution reports on your title,please contact Christine Du.

Phone: 323.258.6000 ext. 233
Fax: 323.344.1079


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